Where to Watch

I’ve received a couple of comments about where to watch or get a particular series. Since I’m all about spreading the goodness that is Asian cinema, I’d thought I will show anyone in need to websites that I usually frequent to watch drama and the likes. There’s probably more out there, so do drop a link in the comments if you think there are better sites out there.

To Watch (from bad quality to good quality):

  1. YouTube – A good site for people with very slow connection. The episodes are usually cut up into at least 10 parts because user can only upload a max of 10/11 minutes per video. The quality is also not too great most of the time, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I use it as a last resort.
  2. My Soju – A site that shows embedded videos redirected from various sites such as veoh, dailymotion, youtube, and even myspace. An episode is also usually split into many parts and can be prone to broken links. However, they have a very large collection of shows that is constantly being added upon.  Broken links are also fixed in a relatively quick manner but when you’re watching the climax and it suddenly stop working…it kinda pisses you off. A good place to try different drama and movie.
  3. Jacinda Entertainment – Similar to My Soju, Jacinda is a site that lists out drama shows and links them to videos site so you won’t have to search for the videos yourself anymore. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer movies. (courtesy of chukuma)
  4. crunchyroll – This is a relatively new sites. An normal episode of 30 or 40 minutes is usually intact and not divided into parts.  Shows that are 1 hour or more are divided into 2 parts, which isn’t too bad. The quality is pretty decent and the player can be enlarge. A bad quirk is once a series is licensed, the entire show will quickly get taken down. However, it’s only fair since you should be supporting the show by actually buying it.
  5. veoh – Another new site that has quickly become a hot-bed for drama shows. The videos can have .avi quality (movie quality) which is great for the eyes.  No more blurry images! However, popular user with lots of drama video are prone to be inexplicably deleted, but a quick search will usually yield another user. For this site, you’ll have to do a lot of searching so it’s easier to find a user with a lot of videos and subscribe. NOTE: Veoh has stop offering service to people in Indonesia and a few other countries so don’t be alarm if you go there and nothing happens.

To Download:

  1. D-Addicts – I’ve only found one site that has many series up for download.  However, they use bittorrent which require you to download bittorrent / bittornado to get the videos.  If you don’t know what this is, there’s a guide on the site about it.  The download speed can be a bit slower than just a direct download, but you’ll get a very good quality video if you download it.

If none of the above works for you, a quick search in google can help anybody.  Google video is also a good tool; it works similarly to mysoju.com.  Hope this helps, everybody!



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