Miss Granny | Review

I’ve been catching some glimpses of Asian cinema despite my busy schedule (an addict will always be an addict), and saw this wonderful movie on Netflix. Check it out below if it’s been in your queue, but not sure if it’s worth a look.


Released in: 2014
Directed by: Hwang Dong-Hyuk

Actor Actress as Character
Shim Eun-Kyung as Oh Doo-Ri / Oh Mal-Soon
Na Moon-Hee as Oh Mal-Soon
Jin Young as Ji-Ha
Park In-Hwan as Mr. Park
Sung Dong-Il as Hyun-Chul

As I’ve grown older, I started to realize more and more the sacrifices my parents have endured. Not only did they not know a word of English upon arrival in America, they had no friends or family here and had to start from scratch. Somehow, they were able to put food on the table by taking any jobs they can get. My dad and older sister worked in a factory making name tags and my mom stayed at home since we were all very young at the time. In Vietnam, before the war broke out, my dad was studying to be a lawyer and my mom was a teacher with dreams of becoming a cook. That all changed when the uncontrollable circumstances of their lives cause them to lose their dreams. Miss Granny is a movie about them–my parents. The dreams they lost and all the possibilities that could’ve came alongside them.

Oh Mal-Soon is 74 years old with a son who’s a professor at a fancy university. She raised him alone when her husband died during the war. She’s proud her son made something of himself, but that feeling isn’t mutual unfortunately. While she did everything she could in order for her son to have the same chances as anybody else, her wishes became little more than a whisper and soon not a trace of it was left. For the most morbid of reasons, she decided to get a new picture taken before she gets any older and the picture for her funeral will be of an even older woman. Little did she know taking this photo will be her second chance to do what she wants to do and not what she had to do.

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