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As the blog continues to grow and added upon, I’ve been seeing my blog on other people’s Blogroll. I am immensely thankful and grateful that you have added my blog to your site. Therefore, if you have added me, please leave a comment with your blog/site’s url, email,  and I will add you to my blogroll as well if your blog relates to Asian culture or cinema.

Likewise, if you are interested in linking with this blog, please leave a comment below with your site and contact info and I will contact you. Thanks!

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  1. Hey, I found your blog through “Japan Cinema.” I’m a film critic (Elevator to Alphaville is my blog, for reference) and now I’m editor of a website with reviews of non-English-language films, books, and music. It’s part of Language Trainers, which offers language courses, so the reviews are geared towards English-speakers who want to learn another language or are planning on travelling abroad. I was wondering if you would like to write some reviews for us on popular and essential Japanese movies (or books or music, if you’d like). They wouldn’t be very long articles (400 to 600 words) and you could write as many as you want (3 or 30). My employer is promising to pay around 10 dollars per review, which isn’t much, but it’s something. Now, since these reviews would be for Language Trainers, they would need to say something about the language or culture portrayed in the film (or novel or song). Say, what kind of Japanese are the characters speaking? Is it from a certain region? Do they use slang? Is the language from a certain time period? That kind of thing. Basically, imagine an English-speaker who wants to learn Japanese or visit Japan. What are the essential movies or books he or she should know? The kind of pop-culture knowledge that would impress a Japanese native. The website will cover all sorts of languages, one of them obviously being Japanese, and the idea is to find critics or writers who are familiar with the covered countries and cultures. Does this interest you at all? Cheers!


    1. Hi there! Sorry for this VERY late reply. I have been absent in the review scene as you can tell and I’m now slowly trying to get back to doing what I love – blogging! I’m very thankful for the opportunity, but I’m unfortunately very busy now with my full-time design job and sometime freelance work on the side. It’s been a struggle trying to do anything else on the side so I will have to sadly decline else risk not being able to produce what you and your boss needs from me. Thanks again for stopping by!


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