I’m back!

Hey folks, thanks to those who stuck around. I’m back and will start posting again. Last I left you, I was trying to figure out what to do with this blog. Well, I’ve figured it out and my About page proves it! Here’s the new description of what this blog will be about:

Thoughts on the Asian Stage has gone through a lot of evolutions as I tried to figure out my purpose for this blog. I first posted in September of 2007 and haven’t stopped since. It was initially an emotional dumbing ground for all my thoughts after I watched a really good or really bad Asian movie. As my thoughts became more coherent after a couple of posts, I began posting reviews on the drama/movies I’ve seen instead to make it more concise. My reviews soon caught the eyes of other Asian entertainment bloggers and I was asked to blog for their blogs. From there, I split my posting schedule between this blog and other blogs. When things became really hectic, I took a short hiatus in August of 2011. Now I’m back and have turned this blog into a collection pot directing readers to my posts on other blogs. Occasionally, I’ll also post reviews just like the old days.

So stick around. If you’re a fan of my writing, there will be more not less. They just happen to be posted somewhere else most of the time. To be up to date on new posts, you can now subscribe to this blog via Feedburner 🙂


BRB – Be Right Back!

I'll be back soon! ; _ ;

Dear Awesome Readers,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts and rambles about the joy of Asian cinema these past few years. I never expected to find so many fellow enthusiasts like myself who are in love with Asian cinema and all its subtle charms that slowly but surely wiggle itself into your hearts. This blog has brought along lots of new friendship and opportunities, and I will always cherish and be thankful of it. Unfortunately, I’m now at a point where I won’t be able to keep up with the maintenance of this blog anymore. Meaning, I don’t have any time for reviews (or rather, I don’t have any reviews to post due to reasons below).

As some of you might know, I am a contributing writer for yonasu.com on all things drama and movies in Japan. Since it would be really redundant if I post the same review for Yonasu there and here, I usually have a link to the review on Yonasu from this blog. Thus, all my Japanese related posts now goes to Yonasu and all other posts would still remain on this blog. However, I was recently asked to be another contributing writer for another popular review site: JapanCinema.net focusing on all things Asia and Anime. I know it’s my own fault for saying “yes” but I’m now left with little remaining materials to blog about.

Therefore, I am taking this hiatus to figure out what to do with this blog in the coming future. It has brought me more things than I could’ve ever asked for so I definitely won’t ever delete it or the likes. The reviews that I’ve done here will still be here, and feel free to comment. I receive an email notifications on all comments so I will still get to read everything you guys posted. In the meantime, be sure to check out my new playground at yonasu.com and japancinema.net! I’ll still be active in promoting Asian Cinema, just not here and on a larger scale. I hope you all understand my plight and I vow to return soon once I figure out what to do.

Take care,


Help Japan

As many of you might’ve known by now, Japan was struck by an 8.9 magnitude scale earthquake on Friday (March 11th) which left many dead, injured, and homeless. Luckily, as a country prone to earthquakes, their buildings are better structured and probably fared a lot better than most other places. Despite so, help is still needed and every little thing counts.

After watching and learning about the Japanese culture via their dramas and movies, I hope that if you can, please help out the people whose lives inspired said dramas and movies. To learn more about the earthquake and how to help, visit this website for all the information you need.

"Tribute to Japan" by Jacob Cass


UPDATE: Flutterscape, an online shopping site for Japanese items, is offering to MATCH YOUR DONATIONS to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Please go here for more details.

I’m Hired!

Hah, no not really though it is sorta like that. I’ve been asked by Jonas who run yonasu.com to be a writer for his blog. I’ll naturally be writing reviews but only for shows from Japan specifically. Don’t fret, I will also be posting here as well. Although, as my posting record shows, that can be sporadic. Since I’ll be posting about the same shows that I would’ve posted here at yonasu.com, I will do a link over from now on for Japanese dramas/movies. I’ll have the opening paragraph and you can read the rest at his site (there’s no point in me writing things twice, right?). So please continue to support me and yonasu.com in the future!

I’ll even have my own About page! It’s rather exciting; I’ve never collaborate on someone else’s blog before. So stay tune!


my new home away from home


Hope you like the new look! The other theme was getting too dark and gloomy for me. My real job is a graphic designer after all and I can’t stand a clutter-looking site. All features such as rating a post and comments are still here. I think it’s default for most WordPress sites now.

I also added the option of sharing the post via social media applications like Facebook and Twitter so share away! 🙂

Blog’s New (well kinda new) Direction

Hi everyone! Final exam week is almost over and I am near the home-stretch. I will have a review or two up for you guys sometime this month. Speaking of reviews, if anyone has been checking out my About page lately, you’ll know the news that I’m telling you all today. I’ve decided to officially concentrate on reviewing Asian drama/movies from now on instead of posting about everything in between. I think this way will be easier for me and for future readers who will know what to expect whenever there’s a new post. Since I’m mainly posting reviews from now on, I will not have a schedule as to how often I’ll post something since it takes a while for me to finish something (drama wise anyway).

I’m also bringing back the Upcoming Review page to let readers know what’s coming up next. It’ll also be a way to motivate myself to finish something and get a review out. See you all soon!

The Lackluster Invasion

Hello, how’s everyone’s summer going? I recently got a job as a graphic design intern so that’s been keeping me busy. Lately, all I’ve been updating is my design blog here, but I do still wander over here to see the comments and such. Speaking of which, I would really appreciate it if comments are in English. I know a lot of you are from other countries, but I can’t understand your comment if it’s not in English. Thank you. Okay, now to the point of this post.

This year (and part of last year) was suppose to be a very big event in terms of Asian actors and actresses in American cinema. However, most of the movies were not produce well or have any sort of enticing plot. Is it the director’s fault not being able to fully utilize these actors well? What is it? You be the judge.


  1. Speed Racer (opened May of 2008): One of the first movie to start off the “Asian Invasion” as I was calling it. Starring Korean singer and actor Rain, it was directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski who directed the famous Matrix movies. Having a big budget and backed by major  corporations like Target, McDonald’s, and more, the film did poorly at the box office and became one of the biggest bombs for Warner Brothers. Rain had a few lines in the entire movie and from what I understand didn’t appear much either.


  2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (opened May of 2009): One of the lucky few that went on to be quite the blockbuster. Daniel Henney is a Korean-American actor who played Agent Zero in the movie with superb shooting skills. Despite being able to speak perfect English, he didn’t say much and died by the mid-point in the movie.


  3. Blood: The Last Vampire (opened July of 2009): I was looking forward to this movie the most because it starred my favorite actress Jun Ji-hyun who adopted the American name Gianna Jun for the American audience. She played the main character Saya who hunts high-level vampires. The movie was released on limited screens across the US, but not where I live unfortunately. It did poorly and was harshly criticized for bad special effects and bad acting from the supporting actors.

What’s to come…

  1. The Warrior’s Way (formerly titled The Laundry Warrior) – opening August of 2009: Starring one of the most renowned Korean actors Jang Dong-gun, the movie stars Jang as a warrior living in the the “American badland.” Not sure where that is except maybe the West, Jang stars alongside the likes of Kate Bosworth. The film is being produced by Barrie Osborne who produced the Lord of the Rings movie. Again, I have high hopes for this movie. The title sounds like a comedy, which is always a win in my book.


  2. Ninja Assassin – opening November of 2009: Rain tries again at international stardom with this movie. Movie poster for the movie is out and it seems pretty well made and executed. Hopefully that translate to the overall film as well. I’m not much of an action-movie fan let alone one with flying body parts and blood so I can’t really say I’m excited to see this. I wish Rain lots of success with this movie though.