More Reviews Coming Up

I just saw not one but TWO movies I’ve been anticipating since I’ve heard of their release. I was sooooo happy when I found them. It takes awhile for them to get subtitle and even though I’ve studied Japanese, I’m not that much of an expert to watch it without a little help ^^; Anyway the movies were….

Paradise Kiss

Centering around a girl name Yukari Hayasaka (played by Keiko Kitagawa) who dutifully studies for her college entrance exams everyday at her mother’s insistence, but found no joy in the act (who can blame her?) She chances upon a group of student from a fashion design school and they insist she become their run-way model for their fashion show. Whose insistence will she follow? Or not follow anyone’s at all?

Kaasan, Mom’s Life

You’d think a movie about a manga-ka, or comic book artist in Japan, who writes about motherhood in a very humorous tone will have an equally humorous life. That’s where life is strange and the people in it are stranger. Rieko Saibara (played by Kyoko Koizumi)  juggles motherhood, the hectic deadlines of a manga-ka, and her alcoholic husband. Her life is never boring, nor is it ever normal. Will it ever be?

Both reviews will be on in the coming weeks! 🙂


Paradise Kiss, from 2d to 3d

I recently wrote my first post for and it’s been regenerating some good buzz. Paradise Kiss, a popular manga by Ai Yazawa of NANA’s fame, is turning into a live-action movie in May of 2011. The story follows a girl name Yukari as she transition from a normal student to a model for a local fashion design label call “Paradise Kiss.” You can read the rest here.