Thoughts on the Asian Stage has gone through a lot of evolutions as I tried to figure out my purpose for this blog. I first posted in September of 2007 and haven’t stopped since. It was initially an emotional dumbing ground for all my thoughts after I watched a really good or really bad Asian movie. As my thoughts became more coherent after a couple of posts, I began posting reviews on the drama/movies I’ve seen instead to make it more concise. My reviews soon caught the eyes of other Asian entertainment bloggers and I was asked to blog for their blogs. From there, I split my posting schedule between this blog and other blogs. When things became really hectic, I took a short hiatus in August of 2011. Now I’m back and have turned this blog into a collection pot directing readers to my posts on other blog. Occasionally, I’ll also post reviews just like the old days. Below are sites I’m currently working with:

Yonasu – http://yonasu.com/

Japan//Cinema – http://japancinema.net/



  1. wow, u’r a guy addict. i thought only girls can be addicted to azn dramas but i guess not. first of all, i like ur blog so far. this is my first time visiting it. im an addict too (but a female) n can’t stop, which is bad b/c im in my firs yr of college. i’ve been staying up late for hana yori dango 1 n 2, i absolutely lve both. u’r in ur 2nd yr of college then. how long hve u been watching azn dramas? just being curious. i need to stop but i just can’t. thnks for sharing ur thoughts n much more.


  2. haha thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’m a guy. There’s more “guy-addict” out there than you think, they just don’t start a blog is all. I do agree with you that this addiciton is really not good for school, but I usually watch them on big breaks like this Thanksgiving one so it’s all right. As for my drama watching career, I’ve seen them since little because my parents love ancient Chinese series/drama.

    Anyhow, thanks for dropping by. Come again!


  3. hello there! came across ur HYD post..fantastic review! U managed to capture their emotions and pen it down. Do update me with anymore Jdrama reviews! Thanks!


  4. Hei!
    I love your blog so far and it has great information.
    As for me I just started asian dramas. I came across one that had terrible acting, and never visited them again…until now

    I was wondering if you knew if you actually buy the japanese dvd, if you can get english subs…if I don’t get some material worth near me, my parent think its a waste of time


  5. Hey, Zuzu. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like my blog. 🙂

    For english subs just take a look at my “where to watch” tab above to various sites that carry drama videos. I would buy the dvd if I could, but I have no money… ^^;


  6. hum, i happened to stumble upon your site when I was surfing. It was nice to read about anything as long as it is interesting. and YES! it is a compliment.
    since you are such an enthusiast on movie and drama, may I suggest one?

    it might not be your cup of tea since i think women tend to relate easier to this drama more than man.

    So, it is up to u to decide really.

    Dal Ja’s Spring. ^^

    Hey, welcome nontheless! I stumbled across a wordpress blog in the past and that was how I got the idea to start one myself. Thanks for the compliment. As for Dal Ja’s Spring, I did catch an episode of it a while ago, but it didn’t really grip me by the throat and pull me in (or that sort of thing :P). Maybe I’ll give it another go soon.


  7. Hmm… I hope I’m not saying hello to the wrong person, but are you gatherhope? If so, it’s Téa from Insomnia and LJ! I haven’t been active online in quite a while, so I missed your message on my inbox when you told me about this blog (apparently LJ doesn’t send me emails when I get a new message). It’s a good thing the message was still sitting there for me to see, because I was frowning when I saw your journal deleted while checking my friends list.

    Anyhow… I really hope I haven’t approached the wrong person. I’ve missed you and hope you’re doing well. But if this blog is anything to go by, it’s looking awesome! I haven’t watched any Asian dramas in a long time because I’ve been so busy, but you can bet I’d be perusing your entries to see what I should be catching up on the moment I’m free. 😀


    1. It is indeed. I haven’t been addressed by that sn in so long. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ve sent you a message to your email. Stay in touch!


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