Taiyou no Uta | Review

A movie about something so strange that I had to see it. Starring popular Japanese singer Yui as the main protagonist Kaoru Amane. Kaoru was born with a rare skin disease called XP (short for xeroderma pigmentosum). It’s basically a DNA mutation which causes the skin to not be able to repair itself after exposure to ultra-violent rays / sunlight. Exposure could lead to further cell mutation and the development of cancer. Therefore, her schedule is to sleep during the day and wakes up at night. In the middle of it all, Kaoru is still a teenager and she has fallen for a fellow teen who she sees every morning before dawn. Right before the sun emerges from the horizon, she sees him waiting for his friends to go surfing. Seeing him everyday, Kaoru soon develops a crush on him. But with a disease like XP, isn’t it nearly impossible to meet anyone?


Released in 2006
Directed by Norihiro Koizumi
Overall Rating: C

Kaoru’s main interest is Koji Fujishiro played by Takashi Tsukamoto. He is an avid surfer despite a lack of talent in it. He wakes up early everyday to practice surfing with his friends before school starts. From this, Kaoru gets to see him for a few minutes before she has to lock herself away once again. Every night, Kaoru goes to a local spot where she sings with her guitar. This is the only time in which she can interact with her surroundings and yet there’s no one in sight at that time. As the story progresses, Kaoru eventually meets Koji during one of her “show.” The storyline is quite interesting, but the way everything plays out were too stereotypical or cliche. With such a fascinating backdrop of information, I feel like the movie could’ve gone in the direction of 1 Litre of Tears if wanted or something like it. Unfortunately, it turns out to be just another movie about a singer portraying a singer…with a disease.


Kaoru (Yui) at her singing spot.

The acting was average. Something else that bothers me was the multitudes of silient moments. The silence is comparable to standing-in-an-elevator-with-stranger silence. Very awkward. Kaoru and Koji would sit and they wouldn’t say anything for about 2 minutes. I understand that this represent the awkwardness that comes with teenage love, but there was just too much of it to be realistic. However, what bothers me the most is the fact that Yui was playing a singer. That’s like me pretending to be an artist. It doesn’t take much effort to play a role that you already know full well. Take Jun Matsumoto for example, I have yet to see him play a singer in any drama when he’s a part of one of the most popular boy-band of Japan – Arashi. This and several other factors that I would have picked up if I had finish the movie are why I gave this movie a C.

Koji (Takashi Tsukamoto) and Kaoru

There’s actually a drama version to this story starring Erika Sawajiri (who played Aya in 1 Litre of Tears). Because of the movie, I have mixed feelings about even watching the drama, but who knows. Maybe 5 years from now I’ll give it another shot.



  1. The drama, you say? Hmm…well, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m currently watching something else, but thanks for the comment.


  2. yo,i thought the movie was cool, that had a sweet atmosphere, straightforward and honest that didnt play with your feelings…anyways im amazed to find someone rating dramas thats cool…i will try that sometime soon


  3. >jeweleater
    lol Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s not very common but I just want to have a place for people to check out what Asian cinema has to offer so…that’s what this is. 🙂


  4. I was more amused by the movie than the drama. At least I felt more feels for the girl here than the series. Just my two cents!


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