Himitsu no Hanazono | Review

Broadcasted in 2007
11 episodes
Overall Rating: A

The title translates to “The Secrets of Hanazono” but another name is “The Secret Garden” (Wikipedia). Yumiko Shaku plays a fashion editor name Kayo Tsukiyama who lets many people take advantage of her kindness. This includes finishing someone’s column, researching a topic for someone else, and staying late in the office to do someone else’s work. However, she finally has enough of it and decides to quit. As she prepares herself to give her boss the resignation letter, her boss suddenly announces that the magazine is going out of business. Ryoko Kawamura plays by Miki Maya is the boss. She sees Kayo as a hardworker and has arranged another job for her as an editor in the comic-book/manga department of the company. Kayo’s first assignment is to work with the famous manga artist Yuriko Hanazono. What she doesn’t know is the many secrets of “Miss” Hanazono and how much it’ll change her as well.

The main theme of this drama is secrets and how you deal with them. The first secret to be reveal is Yuriko Hanazono, a woman’s name, is actually a group of four brothers (oldest to youngest: Wataru, Osamu, Katoshi, and Hinata). They draw shojo comic or comic for girls and thus do not want to reveal their true gender. As the show progresses, there are further secrets to be reveal and more to be discover. Through it all, there are many funny moments and heart-warming moments. Kayo, who initially was so humilated by the brothers, eventually warms up to them and even develops feeling for one of the brothers. Vice versa, the brothers also begin to think of Kayo as a part of their family. Their relationship, which originally was simply between the editor and the artist, soon changes to friends, and finally to family. This consistant change, I think, is what makes the show’s transition in events, relations, and feelings so belieavable.

(from right to left: Osamu (Tetsuhiro Ikeda), Satoshi (Jun Kaname), Kayo (Yumiko Shaku), Wataru (Masato Sakai), and Hinata (Kanata Hongo) )

Overall, it was a pleasant drama to watch. All the actors and actresses did a great job with their character. The theme of the show also blends well with my belief: Secrets, may they be to protect someone or to protect yourself, are still secrets in the end. They are something a person tries to hide and great consequences can be the result of such actions. It is best to simply let everything be known before it is too late. I think this drama shows that in many great ways. Therefore, I give this show an A for being good overall. However, it did not get an A+ because I felt the ending was a bit rush. All of their problems were suddenly solve in a couple of hours instead of episodes. I also would have appreciate it more if some of the character’s relationships are further established. However, it is still a great show to watch at your leisure.

Baby Don’t Cry – Opening Song by Namie Amuro


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