It’s Past the 9th Inning and 2 are Outs!

I am quite busy this week with many projects and tests conjoining on the same day.  However, a day without any drama show is too depressing to think about.  This week, my main focus was on 9 Ends 2 Outs.

The show grabbed my attention with its odd name.  I later fount out its true meaning: after the 9th inning, 2 outs.  I am not much of a sport fan let alone baseball.  Thus I’ve been brooding about how the show doesn’t show any baseball references at all, but maybe they have and I’ve just been too ignorant to notice?  Anyhow, the first 5 episodes or so were incredibly funny concentrating on the odd friendship between Bae Tae Ha and Nan Hee – a man and a woman in their 30.  Imediately one questions if such a friendship can exist.  The tension created by this thought attracted me to watch further to find out the answer.

Unfortunately, after episode 5, the show suddenly changed direction and began focusing on Nan Hee’s love for her 8-years-younger-than-her boyfriend.  He’s somewhat of a crybaby but is attractive enough to worry Nan Hee; which is what the majority of the episodes are later about.  Truthfully, I thought about abandoning this show because this drag was a bit too long for me to handle.  Thankfully, the show finally reached its climax at around episode 9.

By episode 9, Nan Hee realized that she has feelings for both Bae Tae Ha and Jung Joo (the younger boyfriend).  Who should she go after:  the one who loves her more than anything or the one she loves secretly since the day she met him?  By the title, I was expecting something horrible to happen by episode 9 as each episode is called an “inning.”  But nothing really happen.  The following episodes leading up to 11, the newest one out, is about Jung Joo’s departure for America and the sudden distance between Nan Hee and Tae Ha.  In a sense, I suppose that does reference to the two important person in her life suddenly…”out.”

As of right now.  Tae Ha’s old flame suddenly reappears and will surely sours Nan Hee’s relationship with Tae Ha even more.  To be noted, as Jung Joo is heading for America – the cliche place where all Korean character go and return home incredibly successful.  If this cliche holds true, there will definitely be some awesome twists to the story.  So…I guess I’ll stay with this drama to the end.  I just hope it won’t disappoint me.



  1. 18/05/2008, I’ve seen this film.And I think you weren’t disapointed about it. It’s so romantic but realistic and meangingful.


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